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Post natal Yoga (Yoga efter fødsel) Ro's Kilde Helsecenter Gala Kozlenko
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Der undervises på engelsk på dette hold...
v. Gala Kozlenko

Gala kommer fra Ukraine, og ønsker at undervise på engelsk i denne sæson, da hun føler at hun bruger for meget energi og koncentration omkring, at det danske bliver korrekt, og den energi vil hun hellere bruge på at være der for deltagerne på holdene. Vi har tænkt over målgruppen, med kvinder i den fødedygtige alder - og satser på at stort set alle vil have det helt fint med at undervisningen foregår på engelsk.


Are you feeling disconnected from your body, frustrated at not getting any results with your regular workout, feeling out of control every time you laugh or sneeze, hormonally out of balance, or stressed by parenthood? And not to mention of course; suffering form a general lack of sleep.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the above? Postnatal yoga helps you to tend to your emotional and mental well-being. It helps you to create a body that works, functions and feels the way you would like it to feel again.

I want to invite you to come and reacquaint yourself with your new, postnatal, body, pay attention to your mental and physical needs so you feel refreshed, confident and ready to parent again! Ease back into this empowering practice, which allows you to transition safely to other forms of exercise.

postnatal yoga

During the sessions your baby can be with you, or interact with other babies, when he/she is not sleeping of course. We will incorporate some movements with and for your baby, but the focus will be on YOU.

And please don’t worry about your baby interrupting the class with his/her cries, fussing, wanting food or a clean nappy.
That is totally normal!!

When can you join?
Wait at least 6 weeks for your body to recover from pregnancy and birth (at least 8 weeks if you had a C-section), up until your baby can crawl.

What to bring?
Yoga equipment is provided for at Ro's Kilde, but you will have to bring all the necessary for your baby. There is ample room to breastfeed, change your baby, warm up a bottle and park your stroller.

I'm so looking forward to meet and help you and your baby on this class.

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Holdnummer: Q8071
Status: Tilmeldingsklar
Første møde: 01-01-0001 00:00
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Undervisere: Gala Kozlenko
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